Affordable help for your Shopify Store that’s fast and professional


No Project Minimums

Whether you need a quick tweak or a whole new eCommerce store, GL Web Designs can do it all.

Expert Designers

Our team has over 3 years of experience developing and designing on Shopify

Fast Turnaround

Our average turnaround is half a traditional agency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will work on your task until you are 100% satisfied or credit your account.

Always Available

Our team is available when you need us. No scheduling projects or long sales process. Get your project done now.

Unlimited Revisions

Every project comes with unlimited revisions. We want it to be absolutely perfect.


GL WebDesign is an innovative web studio based in Thessaloniki, Greece, focused on delivering exceptional service to website owners on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform. We specialize in working with small businesses with new or growing eCommerce presences. We uniquely offer:

No Project Minimums. Whether you need a couple tweaks to your website or you’d like a brand new website. We would happily review your project requirements.

Unlimited Revisions. We understand sometimes after getting into the nitty gritty that what you thought you wanted and what you actually wanted are different. We are always happy to make minor modifications free of charge.

Direct-to-Developer. You will be working directly with a web developer. No need to contact the account manager for one thing, project manager for another, and web developer for another.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the work we do, let us know. We will work until you are satisfied or credit your account for the project.

Shopify Experts. We are experts on Shopify. We love them so much and think they do such a great job for small businesses, they are the only platforms we support. It allows us to learn every little detail about them to deliver the best solution for you.

No Selling Policy. We will never try to sell you or push you towards a given solution. We want you to make the right choice for your business, not our bank account. Even if that means you working with someone else.


Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you!

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Answers to Your Questions

Do I need to have a Shopify account?

Not necessarily, if you do have one you can add us as a contributor – if you do not have one yet no worries – we can make a website for you and guide you from thereon.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an advanced eCommerce platform that enables you to make your own eCommerce website with little to know coding/design knowledge. 

Can you make me an eShop using Shopify?

Sure thing! Our team of expert designers can design your Shopify website for you and teach you everything you need to know on their platform.

What is the cost of you building a website with Shopify?

Depending, our pricing for services offered in Shopify’s platform starts from 200$ USD  – depending on what is needed on the project you can reach out to us and we will be glad to provide you with an estimate for the service offered.

Can you undertake future updates on my Shopify website?

Yes! We will be glad to have you as a returning customer to us – we want you to get the best out of Shopify so we will be here for you every step of the way.

Our Latest Projects

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Let's Work Together!

We are dedicated to providing the best out of what Shopify can offer to your website! We will work with you to bring the best out of your professional website