George Lithoxoidis

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About Me

Hello, I’m George. I’ve Been Building Websites The Past 6 Years!

 Web Design is my passion and hobby! I started at the age of 12, working with Blogger and I started to love what can be done and the information that can be shared on the web and how to help a business grow drastically.

Of course, the internet has changed a lot since 2009 and I managed to change with it. 

Since then I have made a variety of websites online from static business pages to full eCommerce websites that businesses can use to sell and bring further revenue to their business.
For the past years, I have been working with major tech companies like SITE123 and Shopify that enable you to make a website on your own and my goal is to help business owners make their website come true on the internet.

My Vision

My vision is to fill the web with websites that are beautiful and work well both for the business as well as the end-user that visits the website to get the information that they need/are looking for! 

A website can be beautiful as well working well for both the customer and the owner

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build

Some of My Work